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  • Ruth Mayer Silverstein, M.S.

It's My Birthday...

...and I want to give you a gift!

With New Years' resolutions gone by the wayside and Spring in the air (at least here in DC), this is the PERFECT time to focus on YOU! I would like to give you a free consultation, in person or by phone (so you don't have to be local), to get you started on the road to reaching your goals. This is not just a marketing pitch (ok, a little....), but I really believe that we all have the ability to take charge of our health and that of our families. Really, WHATEVER your issue, let's face it and do something about it, together. No judgement, just practical, do-able, delicious support.

Send me a message here on Facebook or an e-mail to

Offer good through February (although we'll schedule at a mutually convenient time).

In good health,


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