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  • Ruth Mayer Silverstein, M.S.

ISO Clients Who Want to Look, Feel, and Be Their Best!

Want to (or can't seem to) lose weight? Feeling sluggish or just not so great? Confused about what to eat (organic vs. local vs. chain grocers), red wine or white, wheat or gluten free, taking multiple meds and wondering if they're really working? I would love to help you look, feel and be your best, so I'm taking a cue from online dating. Here's my profile...

Passionate, fit, knowledgable, patient, open-minded, Master's Degreed and Certified Health Coach looking for clients who are ready to make dietary and lifestyle changes in the pursuit of a healthier body and sounder mind for themselves and their family. Together we will work to match your desires to your outcomes.

Feel free to reach out @ 301-793-6995 or

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