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  • Ruth Mayer Silverstein, M.S.

The Challenge of Change

I put my Health Coaching business on hold for the last few months because it was just too hard. I didn't feel that I could serve my clients while I was struggling with my own health issues. In a nutshell, I started a new job, then immediately got sick which lasted several months and created a mountain of debt (which is it's own topic for another post), from which I am just digging out. My mother's decline due to Alzheimer's Disease became more and more apparent and her disease reached a critical stage in May, when she was finally released from the hell she lived in. It's been all I can do to maintain a semblance of a healthy lifestyle - because it's what I believe in and I know what it feels like. But if I couldn't maintain this for myself, then I didn't think I could help my clients.

But that was then and this is today. We all face hardships and stumbling blocks. No one is perfect, but we live in a culture that makes us think everyone else is that way. Not one of us knows the troubles of the person next to us on the subway, or a famous handbag designer or renowned chef. But we all face them at various points in our lives. It is most definitely challenging to change the status quo. But how many times will you wake up and berate yourself because you haven't lost the baby weight or can't get rid of the post-menopause bulge?

I challenge you to stop the self-sabotage TODAY. Right now, let's be kinder to ourselves, which doesn't mean eating a pint of ice cream after everyone goes to bed and hiding the evidence. It means it's okay to eat some ice cream because your efforts are aimed at balance, good nutrition, self-worth. I challenge you to look at your weak spots - whether it's menu planning, time management, procrastination - whatever it is that keeps you stuck and won't let you move past it - and find a way to overcome.

And I mean it when I say "let's" - you and me - let's once and for all talk about, set and work toward those goals you've had for 20 years! What are you waiting for? You know it doesn't happen by itself and you (and I) know all the excuses, right?

Please feel free to respond with your challenges regarding health, food, weight, self-esteem, meal-planning, picky eaters....whatever you are dealing with around food that keeps you (or your family members) from being your best selves. Let's start a conversation...I'd love to hear from you, and, of course, I'd love to work with you!

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